Welcome to LVRS

Hi, my name is Khal and this is the LVRS page. I started LVRS because I felt that the world needs more love and positive vibes. 

I’m a trained coach, nutritionist, trainer, and counsellor with an array of skills to help you succeed in life.

Whether you need a coach for dating, relationships, positive mind, health. I can assist you and help you to own your life and live it to the max.

I realize how much the information we see every day influences our thoughts and decisions. That’s why LVRS provides good, necessary, and useful information to enrich your health, relationships and love life.

Let’s face it, when our health and relationships are going smoothly life is better. Everything is positive, there’s less stress, the vibes are just good.

By subscribing to LVRS and utilizing the valuable content you will certainly have a happier, more fulfilled and positive life.