How to live with your partner

Living with your partner can be difficult, you may find yourselves in precarious situations, arguing over chores, money and productivity.

We have made a guide for couples to follow. Remember that there’s more to your relationship than the woes and tribulations.

Being LVRS can help you to become positive, productive, and better versions of yourselves. Together you can tackle anything using the LVRS guide.


This guide is for couples who are living together, couples who haven’t yet moved in together but want advice, couples going through a rough patch, or couples that want to take their relationship to the next level

Be prepared for used tampons, crusty boogers and stinky farts. It can be a challenge when you live with your partner, but we’ve made a guide on how to keep the peace and thrive.


Bad habits need to be stopped completely. The pick and flick needs to cease; it’s funny when you spot a random booger from weeks ago, although gross.


If your peccadillo; isn’t productive, unhealthy or annoys your LVR then nip it in the bud. One common complaint of people in a relationship is that their partner smokes. If you’re a smoker and your partner hates it, work harder to give up, it will help you both.


Replace your bad habits with good ones, for example when I first quit smoking I opted for carrot sticks and push-ups whenever there was a craving. The sensation of putting something towards my mouth and the tightness in my chest from completing as many push ups as possible made the desire to smoke quickly diminish. 

Empower your Partner

Be comfortable around each other, your relationship should be liberating. Freedom and openness nurtures expressionism. You want your partner to be creative and do what makes them happy then you’ve got to help sustain that environment.


You should value each others’ ideas and contributions. Encourage and inspire each other, if your partner has an idea be positive about it instead of mocking or shutting it down. Listen to your partner because good communication breeds intimacy and growth.



“I’ll cook, you clean. You wash, I’ll dry.” Delegate roles to help get shit done. It’s always nice to split duties and chores around the house. Complement each others’ strengths for maximum efficiency.


You’re both in the relationship together, by splitting the duties around the house it  shows that you’re committed to having an equal relationship and doesn’t make one party feel like they’re doing everything.


Play music and get to work. Make it fun, have a boogie to your music, sing-a-long, or just have a chinwag while you’re doing the dishes. A study found that couples who have a division of labor are happier in their relationship. The King and Queen should keep the castle clean together!



It’s great to have a lazy Sunday lie in, but it’s better to be productive. Create a joint schedule, it will help you to figure out when you’re both available so you can work together or more importantly play together.


Include plenty of “WE” time, your relationship is a valuable investment of time. Set some goals together, whether it’s health, financial, travel it’s just great to have a shared passion to work towards, together.


OF course you should still be working and setting time aside for yourself and your own interests. The joint schedule simply helps you to get more out of your day.

Open arms, open doors

Is there any point in having a bathroom door? Acquaint yourself to aromas of your LVRS numero deux. Sweaty boxers, bloody tampons, hairy bods, when you live with your LVR there shouldn’t be any freak-outs.


The sooner you get comfortable and realize, women fart, the drains get clogged with hair, and that

Don’t freak out about natural human functions.  Couples that shit together, stick together.

Money can’t buy you love…

But it does buy you nice holidays, a stable future and a roof over your head. It may be a touchy subject but you need to get the relationship finances established.


Track you expenditures, treat your finances like it’s a business. Reign in the unnecessary purchases for ones that are worthwhile. You don’t need another pair of shoes you won’t wear or a video game you won’t play.


Spend your money on things you both enjoy, put money aside for your shared passions. Experience more together, like travelling, exploring, and trying new things.


Once you sort out the financial side of things it might be useful to get a joint bank account that you both agree to deposit a set amount of money into each month. This will pay for rent, bills, weekly shop, and various miscellaneous purchases for both of you.

Frequent fornication

Guess what? When you live together you can have sex every day. Multiple times a day. Sex in every room. Your whole place is a sex playground, so have at it.


You don’t even need to be discreet about it either, doesn’t matter if you leave the shag rag on the bed. Make sure you take advantage of all the opportunities you’re going to have.


As long as you communicate effectively, do what is best for your relationship, work together, and create synergy in your relationship their will be lot’s of love and happiness.


Empathy is the key to co-existence, think about your actions and respect the space you share together. In a nutshell be wary of the mess you make; clean your piss off the toilet seat and hairballs from the drain. Love each other stay productive and make time for the important things.

Take your health, love, and relationships to the next level.

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